Immaculate Conception Church


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Kendra Girardot

NAME:  Kendra Girardot


COMMISSION:  Faith Formation & Spiritual Life

BIO:  I began attending IC in November of 2019. I’m still relatively new within our community; but, it doesn’t feel that way. It’s true, in Christ, we are one big family! As a young Christian, I learned that God entrusts each of us with talents and gifts to serve and build up His Church. So, when IC became my church home, it was only natural to help out with the needs of the family, and so I got started. First, I simply began caring for our parish campus, picking up leaves and trash. And, to help with the spiritual needs of the Church, at daily Mass I dedicated myself to praying for and showing the love of Jesus to people I’d meet in the Church. I have 40 years of experience serving in various Church ministries and 25+ working with Christian and secular organizations aimed at serving youth, the arts, and education. I’m happy to be serving within the IC community, where, by God’s grace and our faithful stewardship, we can grow stronger as His Missionary Disciples.