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Chalice Cup Ministry

Our parish is excited to begin to participate in a very specific way to pray for vocations.  The Chalice Cup Ministry invites the whole community to pray for vocations. We are all aware of the need for vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated religious life. But sometimes we forget just how powerful praying for an increase in vocations can be.

After a weekend Mass, a chalice cup is sent home for the subsequent week with a parish family who commits to pray for vocations daily. The purpose of the Chalice Cup is to provide a focal point for prayer. Families are encouraged to sign up to bring the Chalice Cup home with them from a Saturday or Sunday Mass. We encourage you to pray for vocations while you have the Chalice with you. The Cup will come with suggestions and prayer cards. The Chalice Cup is then returned on the following Friday to the office so it can be given to another family/individual.