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IC Habitat for Humanity Update

From John Fields
IC Habitat for Humanity Coordinator

We will be helping build another new home this fall! The hole has been dug, and the house construction will be underway with volunteers in the next several weeks.

Due to COVID-19, all volunteers must be signed up in advance through me.  I have a shared spreadsheet where volunteer slots will be filled. In order to keep everyone safe on the construction site, everyone – except in  rare instances – will be required to wear a mask and observe social distancing as much as possible. No date has been set for volunteers to start yet, but things are looking up! 

The wall-raising is scheduled for 9 a.m. Aug. 22. For those who won’t be on site, I’ll send a link when I have it.

Only 5 max church volunteers will be allowed on any one Saturday as two family members are available to work on Saturdays, and then there will be the House Lead and several regular crew members.  We are allowed only 10 total on a site.

Once things are REALLY under way, I’ll send out another email! In the meantime, stay well, be safe, and enjoy these warm days!

For more information, email John Fields