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Letter from Fr. Matt

My dear parishioners and friends,

It is with great eagerness and prayerful concern that I write to you today at the beginning of this most remarkable and unheard of Holy Week. It is difficult for me to pen these words. As it seems incredible to think, only 30 days ago, we would not have imagined experiencing this current state of events.

I encourage each person and every household to truly approach this Holy Week with a spirit of prayer for one another and for an end to this pandemic crisis. Our prayer strengthens us in carrying the cross with Jesus who himself did not eliminate suffering but joined himself to it for our redemption.

The Bishop of Bergamo, one of the most affected cities in Italy, Bishop Francesco Beschi reminds us: “Our prayers are not magic formulas. Faith in God does not magically solve our problems, rather it gives us an inner strength to exercise that commitment that one and all, in different ways, are called to live, especially those who are called to contain and overcome this evil.”

We must all continue to work together for the common good of all in our community, praying for one another, and listening seriously to the restrictions and limits placed on us by our leaders both civic and Church!

Although the Mass is no longer available publicly, Immaculate Conception is providing the Mass via live-stream to continue supporting the spiritual health and well-being of our community. To participate, please consider visiting our Facebook page, where you’ll find both live and recorded versions. We also encourage you to visit our website, where you will find links to audio-recordings of the Mass, broadcasted versions of the Mass via YouTube and prayer and liturgical resources through the Diocese of Columbus.

To continue providing these services, we still rely on your support. Please take a moment to enroll right now at ParishSOFT Giving_ImmaculateConception.  Additionally, parishioners are welcome to use EFT, mail in their offertory or use the drop box at the Parish Office. If you have any questions, please contact John Bernard at

We are a community of faith and strength that trusts in God, especially in these challenging times. I know this and have witnessed it among you so let us continue to support one another as a church and community!


Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Matt