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Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund

Reduce your Ohio income taxes…

…and help make an authentic Catholic education affordable and accessible for all!

It’s true! As an Ohio taxpayer, when you make a donation to the Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund, you could receive a dollar-for-dollar credit* against your state income tax liability while creating scholarship dollars for students to attend Our Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Columbus.

Even with the recent expansion to Ohio’s EdChoice Scholarship program, financial need still exists for many families. Your gift helps bridge the gap between state scholarships and the cost to educate a child while reducing your Ohio tax burden.

*Ohio tax credit is up to $750 per person, or $1,500 if married filing jointly. Based on tax rates posted by the Ohio Department of Taxation, an individual with an annual income of $40,000 has an average state tax liability of $750. Consult a tax advisor for guidance on your specific situation. The Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund is a certified scholarship granting organization (SGO) in the state of Ohio.


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