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Safe Haven Sunday

Dear Friends,
On January 29, 2023 we observed “Safe Haven Sunday.” This is a national initiative of US Bishops meant to draw our attention as a community to the seriousness of the issues of pornography, and to recommit ourselves to take steps to ensure our homes are safe havens for all.

In observance of Save Haven Sunday, Bishop Fernandes shared a special message discussing these concerns, and providing encouragement in our efforts to keep our families and children safe from the poison of pornography. Below you will find additional links to recourses shared by the Diocese of Columbus


Additional Recourses for Parents and Individuals:

Text Secure to 66866: Text SECURE to 66866 and you will be automatically enrolled into seven days of emailed digital tips about iPhone restrictions, Google Safe Search, managing social media apps, and more.
Resources for Parents: Click here to access the page created by the Diocese of Columbus with resources for parents and families as well as all parishioners seeking to live lives which are pure of heart.
Covenant Eyes: The Diocese of Columbus is partnering with Covenant Eyes in this important initiative. I encourage you to click here and check out their website which has resources for individuals, couples, and parents. They have a YouTube page with many informational videos.