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Tornado Relief Collection | Jan. 1 & 2

Many of us have seen pictures and video accounts of the recent unexpected destruction caused in Kentucky and other parts of the American south by the horrific outbreak of tornadoes. The recovery is expected to take a long time, and many government and social aid agencies, including Catholic Charities USA, are already working tirelessly to bring comfort and relief to the many people affected by this disaster. Additional support is needed, however. In times of tragedy, we are reminded that the Church is always a primary source of healing and assistance

Therefore, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has requested that funds be collected for Catholic Charities U.S.A. Your donation can be made by marking an envelope “Tornado Relief” and placing in an offertory box, sending it to the parish office, or donating through the parish website at, Give Now, Fund, Tornado Relief.

Also, on January 1 & 2 all cash donations placed in the offertory container in the Gathering Space will be considered part of this collection.