Immaculate Conception Church


Leading People to Jesus Through Worship, Community, Service, and Devotion to Mary

414 E. North Broadway, Columbus, OH 43214

Lisa Galden, Vice President

I’ve been a member of the IC community since attending classes at Ohio State over 20 years ago.  My husband and I have two children and the IC parish and school have been an integral part of our family’s faith journey and lives of service.  Putting God first in my life and trusting in Him has allowed me to grow in my relationship with Him, positively impacted my marriage, family, and communities, and has also given me strength and courage during challenging times.  I have a special devotion to Our Blessed Mother, who has guided me during pivotal moments in my life.  I enjoy hearing how faith in Jesus has made a difference in people’s lives, and I am inspired by the witness of our youth who are willing to stand for Truth and Love.  I’ve served on the Faith Formation and Spiritual Life Commission since 2017, and I am honored to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council to actively support the mission of the IC parish – Leading People to Jesus through Worship, Community, Service, and Devotion to Mary.

Years at IC: 20+

Commission: Faith Formation & Spiritual Life