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NFP Awareness Week promotes self-knowledge | July 25-31

National Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, July 25-31, provides an opportunity to spread the word about Catholic teaching on marriage, conjugal love and responsible parenthood and to promote Natural Family Planning (NFP).

NFP refers to modern, science-based methods that teach couples how to observe and interpret the wife’s signs of fertility and infertility. NFP represents an authentic approach to family planning because these methods can be used effectively to both achieve and postpone pregnancy. When practiced well, NFP methods also enrich the bond between husband and wife.

The Catholic Church supports NFP methods because they honor God’s design for married love, as suggested in this year’s theme, “To have, to hold, to honor: Natural Family Planning, supporting God’s gifts of love and life in marriage.”

Additional information and registration are available at  

To learn more about NFP methods and fertility awareness offered in our diocese, visit  

If you are interested in volunteering to spread the word about God’s design for married love, the gift of fertility and NFP methods, contact diocesan NFP coordinator Jennifer Fullin at 614-241-2560 or