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Real Presence, Real Future: IC Survey Results

Last spring our parish had the opportunity to participate in the Disciple Maker Index (DMI) survey. More than 490 of adults in our parish took the time to give their feedback.

Belief in Core Catholic Teaching
  • Overall, 63% of parishioners believed that the Eucharist is the Body/Blood of Christ.
  • Additionally, 64% believe scripture is word of God and 48% believe Church is critical in relationship with God.
Emphasis on Prayer & Mass Attendance
  • Survey results are very strong for people taking personal prayer time: daily (61%) and weekly (21%).
  • The frequency of Mass attendance for all survey respondents is very high: 71% weekly and 7% daily.
Educating Children in the Catholic Faith
  • The support and love of the school is very evident as 83% of survey respondents would recommend the parish school.
  • Overall, 76% would also recommend parish religious education from Immaculate Conception.
Areas for Growth
  • Retreats are rarely talked about or prioritized  and if someone has never been on one, the value of a retreat is not well understood.
Missionary Impulse
  • There is a need to create an environment that encourages people to share  one’s personal story and the story of Jesus.
  • We have opportunities to grow in depth of intentional relationships with one another in the community. This is a desire for more opportunities for follow-up.

Key Stats