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Fr. Matt’s Easter Letter

“Because we have been gifted with God’s peace in the risen Christ, we are called to our own peace and to the making of peace in our world. As disciples and as children of God it is our task to seek for ways in which to make the forgiveness, justice and mercy and love of God visible in a world where violence and enmity are too often the norm.”

Peace, hope, joy!

These are words and experiences of the disciples encountering the risen Jesus.

They are meant for us too! Although we have gone through much this past Lent and especially this past year, we keep our eyes fixed on where Jesus is leading. His message is for peace. These are the first words he says to his disciples. It is his desire for us, his church. As we celebrate this Easter season may peace, hope and joy be in your homes and in your hearts.

Celebrate that Jesus our Savior is risen, Alleluia!

Happy Easter!