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National Vocations Awareness Week: Deacon Chris Campbell

I believe all of us are called by Christ to a life of service. The key to understanding that call is through prayer and discernment.

My vocation to the diaconate came about after responding yes to other forms of ministry, teaching, extraordinary minister, lector, etc. My deeper involvement in the Church led me to a deeper relationship with Jesus and prayer life.

I would say that there were two types of calls, an exterior and interior. The exterior came from a few priests for whom I had a tremendous amount of respect. They encouraged me to consider the diaconate. I spent a great deal of time discerning that call and lengthy discussions with my wife. Ultimately, I put my trust in the Holy Spirit to lead me where he wanted me to go.

My ministry as a deacon has been rewarding beyond words. The Lord continues to bless me and I have seen His grace at work time and again. Trust in the Lord and he will guide you. The Lord calls all of us to know Him, love Him and serve Him in this life. If we do that, we will be happy with Him forever in heaven.

National Vocations Awareness Week
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