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Survey for Fallen Away or Inactive Catholics

The Diocese of Columbus is studying information as part of a strategic planning process to evangelize the future of the Catholic faith.

Current and local information from individuals on why they no longer attend Church or no longer consider themselves Catholic would be very helpful in the planning process. There is great value knowing these answers to address the evangelization needs specifically in our Diocese for the future. While many of us may think we know the reasons or assume them, the Diocese really wants to hear from the people themselves. Therefore, please help get the word out to take this survey by those who have fallen away from the Church or who are no longer active in the Church.  This may be a loved one, a child who no longer attends, a sibling who moved away, a friend, an acquaintance, etc.  Please only ask people to take the survey if they have fallen away from the Church or are no longer active in the Church.

Here is the survey link: