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New Parish Ministries – We Need You!

We are creating two new ministries for the parish to address the COVID-19 health crisis.  These ministries are open to all parish members, including school families and high school students seeking service hours.  Our plan is to fill these ministries with sufficient numbers to rotate among members, to potentially serve once per month on a rotating basis.

Parish Sanitization Ministry: This ministry entails sanitizing the church and adjoining spaces after church events, including regular weekday and weekend Masses (with the potential to include sacraments and special events). Also included, will be special events that may take place in Marian Hall throughout the year.  With our purchase of Misting Devices, the process is much faster than before.  The only limitation for this ministry is that the volunteer be comfortable in the environment, and not part of a high-risk group.  For further information or to sign-up, please contact Barb Fortkamp at, Elizabeth DeLuca at, or contact the Parish Office at

Live-stream Ministry: This ministry will be responsible for manning and operating the church live-stream equipment for daily and weekend masses (for homebound and transmitting to the overflow area in Marian Hall); additionally weddings and funerals will be live-streamed for those that request this option.  Basic technical knowledge of computers, software, web browser, and/or video cameras is helpful.  On-site training is required for anyone interested.  This ministry is seeking dependable volunteers with a passion for the Mass and assisting those who cannot attend due to Social Distancing or COVID-19 precautions.  High-school age members with the skillsets and the need for service hours may also apply!  For additional information or to sign up, please contact Jacob Lammers at or the Parish Office,