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HASA: First Dine Out

The first Dine Out is next Wednesday September 23, 2020 at the Henderson Road City BBQ. For those new to IC, the Home And School Association (HASA) partners with a different local restaurant each month. The restaurant promises to donate a portion of the sales from our school that day/night back to HASA, and we promise to give them business on that day. We are trying City BBQ this year and they are gracious enough to donate 20% of the sales back to us. Please send the flyer to family and friends. Anyone can use it or they need to reference FUNDA on online and phone in orders.
  • Our group: Immaculate Conception Home & School Assn
  • Our fundraiser date: Wednesday, September 23rd
  • Our fundraiser time: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Our fundraiser location: City Barbeque Upper Arlington,
  • Our fundraiser code: FundA