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Legacy Family Sponsor: The Canty Family

The Canty family moved from Sacred Heart Parish, where five of them attended grade school, to a large house on Tulane Road in 1958. In order to provide nine children with a Catholic education, it was necessary that the Canty family reside closer to the newly opened Bishop Watterson HS. During the ensuing years, five of the eight children attended and graduated from IC Grade School and four graduated from Bishop Watterson HS. Eight of the nine including John Canty were married at IC. With the exception of John Canty’s sister Rita Purnell, each of them moved to different parishes after marriage. John Canty returned to the Church – and thank God – to again be an active member of Immaculate Conception.

The family picture shown was taken at the baptism of John Canty’s brother Michael by Bishop Michael J. Ready, Bishop of Columbus. The year following his baptism, John Canty’s 7th sister Alice was born.

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A $250 donation goes directly to the IC School Sustainability Fund. We honor the generosity of each Legacy Family Sponsor by featuring them on our social media sites and in the church bulletin.  This allows us to get to know one another even better and build a sense of community during this unprecedented time.

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