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Statement from Bishop Brennan on Death of George Floyd

May 29, 2020

The events surrounding the death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis are deeply troubling for all people, causing unrest and anger. The feelings surrounding this situation and others like it are justified, and there are so many ways those feelings and thoughts can and should be voiced. We are blessed to live in a nation that affords us the right to express ourselves, but the violent protests that have occurred in Columbus and elsewhere only bring additional harm to
innocent persons and to business owners, so many of whom have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic. They represent a participation in the toxic cloud of stereotypical judgement which such protests rightly seek to condemn.

Mr. Floyd’s death calls for an honest self-examination on the part of all of us that seeks to identify sinful attitudes and judgments that must be remedied. Laws and policies must do more to protect the fundamental rights of those at risk.

I recognize, also, that most in our law enforcement community are very good people who find these situations abhorrent and have a strong reaction against what has happened. They too share in the call for investigation and action to prevent these situations from occurring again. I thank them for their service and willingness to risk their well-being to help assure the common good.

As people of faith in God, we must be totally committed to eradicating racism and encouraging all our neighbors to peace toward people of every race, creed, and color. The path of peace will lead us toward bringing an end to everything that is contradictory to the call to love God and neighbor. I invite all in our community here in Central Ohio to join together in this effort to forge a path built with the pavers of justice and reverence for every human life toward a harmony that allows us to enjoy a peaceful future for our children and for all ages to come.

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