Immaculate Conception Church


Leading People to Jesus Through Worship, Community, Service, and Devotion to Mary

414 E. North Broadway, Columbus, OH 43214

IC Confessions | 6-8 pm, Tuesday, May 5

Per the direction of Bishop Brennan, Immaculate Conception will start to administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation on May 1. Other parishes have a coordinated schedule for confessions or specific hours. Please be considerate of these guidelines and call the location for further information.

Immaculate Conception, 414 E. North Broadway, Columbus
Location – Marian Hall
Hours – 6-8 p.m. – Tuesday, May 4
Call 614-208-8817  or email for appointment
A Guide for Making a Confession During These Extraordinary Times

St. Andrew, 1899 McCoy Road, Columbus
Location – Inside the vestibule of the church, access is through the main front door of the church
Call 614-451-4290 x101 for apppointment

OSU Newman Center, 64 W. Lane Ave, Columbus
Location – East Gathering Space
Contact a priest at by phone or email appointment

St. Francis of Assisi, 386 Buttles Ave, Columbus
Location – St. Francis Garden (by the Statue)
Call 614-966-4716 for appointment

St. Michael, 5750 N. High St, Worthington
Location – Marian Hall
Call 614-885-7814, M-F 8:30-3:30 for appointment

Holy Name, 154 E. Patterson Ave, Columbus
Location – In the alley between the sidewalk and the back of the Church-in case of rain the basement of the Church. Disponible en español.
Call 614-262-0390 (Holy Name) or 614-784-9732 (Santa Cruz) for appointment